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Etsy shop LMarieSeaTreasures 04192021

Gorgeous deep aqua with sterling wrap.$68.00 FREE shipping

6 Seaglass Photo Cards!$20.00

River of Blue Seaglass$69.99 FREE shipping
SOLD OUT—-(can make canvases or photos of any picture) SALE!! 2021 Seaglass Calendar- all original unique photos!$19.00
Only 1 left
Beautiful trio treasures! Three lovely well matched for shape and complimenting colors!$39.00 FREE shipping
Half Moon Bay unique horizontal piece of peace! Beautiful soothing aqua that is a lovely shape and pretty combined sea green blue.$59.00 FREE shipping

Birthstone bracelets- custom! Perfect jewels from the sea are used to create these one of a kind unique blessing bracelets!$36.00 FREE shipping

Green seaglass gems! Wrapped in sterling silver!$30.00

Seaglass necklace – HUGE gorgeous, perfect aqua pendant! Sterling heart wraps up this unique stunner!$66.00 FREE shipping

Wrapped and ready Sea Glass MARBLE!$69.00 FREE shipping

SEA star! Sterling sea star hanging out with some sea treasures from the UK!$52.00 FREE shipping

Seaglass pendant. Gorgeous deep sea color sets this sterling wrapped gumdrop apart!$64.00 FREE shipping

Beautiful UK oval perfection! Wrapped in a sterling carriage with a swirly heart!$64.00 FREE shipping
Naturally picture perfect sea tile ‘come sail away’!!$48.00 FREE shipping
Circular Green Wire Wrapped Seaglass Necklace$54.00 FREE shipping
Hammered wave pendant with a beautiful deep aqua color.$59.00 FREE shipping

Seaglass perfection!$59.00 FREE shipping

Cola Wave! Perfectly shaped by the ocean!$59.00 FREE shipping
Gorgeous bauble! This is roundish and a beautiful tumble and shape set to show off the roundness! EGG!!$62.00 FREE shipping
Light blue perfection pendant! Beautifully tumbled true light blue! Unique wire wrapping in sterling with twisted square silver$52.00 FREE shipping

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