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Etsy shop LMarieSeaTreasures 05152021

Swirly light ocean blue! $59.00
Simple Neutral Elegance $48.00
Seaglass Photographs- all reflecting peace and balance!



Seaglass Sterling ‘catch the wave’ beautiful ocean gem!


Aqua Spiral hunk! $59.00
Perfect condition classic STOPPER STEMS! $36.00
Blue lighthouse seaglass and sterling charm $39.00
Double the color and uniqueness! Aqua blue and cobalt sea glass pendant! $56.00
Seaglass necklace, sterling wrapped heart. Easy to sea why this design is all about Love! Bridesmaid gift idea! $57.00
Seaglass necklace, pale blue, sterling, heart wrap! $56.00
Big HUNK! UK CLASSIC! awesome size and roundedness! $49.00
Seaglass necklace rare cornflower blue! Gorgeous color shape and tied up in a heart bow with hammered finish. One of a kind! $59.00