Each image in these collections is one of my favorites hand selected from the countless thousands I have taken. Each piece of sea glass is painstakingly chosen from among my personal favorites and (often precariously) balanced as the waves roll up the beach. Nearly all shots are taken along the California coast, mostly in Los Angeles, but will say in the description if they are elsewhere. For each photo shoot, I try to pair the sea glass with the right conditions. This can be a beautiful sunset if I want spectacular colors or sometimes it is a cloudy gray sky that can lead to striking monochromatic backgrounds. Other times, I look for a low tide to create beautiful reflections or a certain swell to make interesting waves in the background.

Whatever it is, you can find me laying below the high tide line, often getting wet, occasionally losing my marbles (both literally and figuratively) back to the sea when the ocean decides to reclaim one of my favorite finds. These shoots often last hours, though other times I am inspired to get the right shot in just a few short minutes when pulling off to the side of the road along the stunning California coast.I hope you enjoy the balance and zen I am trying to convey through my images. Mostly they just make me happy and peaceful and I hope they do you as well.